Safety Guidelines

Our number 1 priority is the safety of our JigTalkers. We’ve designed everything we do in order that they feel safe, and ARE safe as a consequence of using the platform.

Our number 1 priority is the safety of our JigTalkers. We’ve designed everything we do in order that they feel safe, and ARE safe as a consequence of using the platform. But there’s only so much of a safety net we can lay out. Before you get jiggy with it, take a few minutes to read this. Here’s some tips to ensure that you don’t get in pickle whilst having a jiggle:

Personal information: Share carefully.

A puzzle over your face only goes so far in making you anonymous, so be sure to protect your identity whilst JigTalking until you are 100% comfortable with someone. In fact, make that 110%.

Guard your personal information for as long as you wish. YOU control what you communicate. YOU control the words that you write. The personal information to be wary of spreading are the likes of your full name, home address, email and phone number. Do not share this whilly-nilly and DO NOT write this in your bio! Don’t be a nugget!

Note: If you receive an email from ‘us’ asking for any form of sensitive information, it is not us. We repeat: it is not us. Report this to the JigTeam immediately and we’ll get to the bottom of it.

Financial information: Keep it private!

If a JigTalker asks you to send them money, no matter what their reason may be, ignore the request, let us know immediately, and keep your wallet/purse zipped – EVEN if it’s for a life-saving operation for their grandmother. Don’t fall for it. Financial information such as your credit card number or bank information must never (ever ever ever EVER) be given out.

Report any user who goes against the rules of our Terms of use, or anyone you think is suspicious.

Violations include:

– Fraudulence / Fake profiles. (Catfishes)
– Users acting inappropriately when meeting up in person. (*rseholes)
– Users asking you for money or ‘donations’. (Scammers)
– Sending harassing or offensive content. (Creeps)
– Anyone that looks under the age of 17. (Children)
– Anyone trying to sell you a product or service. (Wheeler-dealers)

Signs of a scammer:

– Asking you to send them over money (including cryptocurrency).
– All of a sudden disappears, then returns onto JigTalk with a different name.
– Asks to communicate with you outside of the app shortly into the chat.
– Sends you messages which direct you to a dodgy website.
– Asks for your address in a sneaky manner. For example “I want to send you a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle”.

More advice to avoid online scams can be found through the UK’s Citizen’s Advice Bureau here

Meeting in person?

Oooh la laaaa! The puzzle is off. Cupid’s arrow has struck. The romance is beginning to blossom. BUT! Don’t let your guard down. Whether a Netflix n’ Chill, or a candle-lit dinner for two, the first time you meet a JigTalker out of the service, be cautious. You may be able to see their photos now, but… after all… they are STILL strangers.

Get to know them properly on JigTalk beforehand.

We DO NOT conduct any criminal background checks whatsoever on our users, so it’s up to you to remain cautious and do your own research on a user before meeting. Whether giving away personal information or meeting in person, get to know the user reasonably well in a JigTalk first.

Let your friends and family know of your plans

No excuses. Give them a heads up! Take your phone along with you, and tell someone who you’re meeting, where you’re meeting, and when you think you’ll be home.

Transport YOURSELF to and from the first meet up

Whether it’s in an Uber, your own car, train, tram, bus, motorbike, or flight, it’s important that you sort out your own transport. Do not, we repeat, do not get in a car with someone you don’t know or trust (especially if it’s the first time of meeting). What if they drive on the wrong side of the road?

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